Our pledges for the future
Sustainability is the foundation and clear direction for our operation as our pledge.
Sustainable development is an essential input factor for every operation action of Lien Chau, from selecting a supplier who complies with our scheme and has enough capability to provide sustainable products and operate sustainably. We are aware that operating of factory contribute to CO2 emission and lead to climate change. Therefore, we process evaluation of CO2 emission yearly and set the target to reduce CO2 emission as much as possible. In 2021, our CO2 emission was reduced by 20%, and renewable energy from the solar panel system was used that, occurred 50% per total electricity volume used.
Our other target is to increase the use of recycled material in our products and packaging, and in 2021 it occurs for 15% of the total amount of material used. Our goal is to hit 80% of recycled material used in 2026.
Reduce – reuse- recycled is the core concept of ensuring sustainable growth now and in the future. We use resources efficiently. Waste from polyester yarn was recycled to make plastic cones used in packing webbing and elastic process.

 We are delighted when our activities can contribute to a “green” supply chain.